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Murray Wood Certified Pedorthist(C)

Murray Wood bio now with The Sole Mate

After spending a whole winter with us, Murray Wood, former owner and operator of Thomas Wood Pedorthic Clinic in Orillia, Ontario, has decided to move out West and join us full time! He brings with him over 35 years of experience and expertise in the foot and footwear industry. He began his career in the family specialty orthopedic footwear business where he developed a strong foundation of knowledge of feet and footwear. This coupled with his seemingly endless supply of energy and passion for his Pedorthic work has propelled him into some impressive roles in the Pedorthic world. He helped to create the Canadian Prescription Footwear Association and was instrumental in developing the educational and ethical standards of today as the first president of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.

His deep appreciation for health and understanding of athleticism makes him the first choice for referrals by physicians and athletes in Ontario. He implements an important yet often overlooked aspect of stretching and strengthening programs for hip, core, foot and the lower limb in the treatment of foot pathologies. Personally he has an extensive athletic background competing in Ironman triathalons, ultra distance running, mountain, road and cycle cross racing, paddle board racing and a deep passion for nordic skiing and holds a level 3 CANSI instructor designation. He truly understands the loads an athlete puts on the system and how to best manage pain and discomfort, allowing these die hards to get back to the sports they love!

His love for pedorthics and deep appreciation for a healthy lifestyle made British Columbia a logical choice when Murray was looking to branch out. Murray brings to The Sole Mate, his enthusiam, passion and pedorthic expertise and we are lucky to have him!