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deanna zelinka

Deanna Zelinka, Ba Hons(Kin), CPed(C), CPed Tech(C)
Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Kinesiologist

Deanna graduated with a bachelor of Kinesiology from The University of Western Ontario in 2003 as an Academic All-Canadian in varsity track and rowing. Throughout her University years, Deanna gained a particular interest for gait biomechanics while working at a specialty running store. Upon the completion of her degree, Deanna began her career in Kinesiology as a physical therapy assistant and as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, training sports performance centre athletes in her home town of London Ontario.

Deanna earned a post graduate diploma in Pedorthics from the University of Western Ontario and completed her CPed(C) and CPed Tech(C) National certifications by 2007. With the help of working with clinical professionals from all over the country, the field of Pedorthics has allowed Deanna to collaborate personal interests in rehabilitative exercise therapy and high performance training, with her interest of how Pedorthic treatment can enhance our biomechanics, alignment, and our body’s ability to heal.

Deanna's interest in biomechanics, footwear and helping people stay active and healthy prompted her to find her calling in a complimentary career path in Pedorthics.

Deanna’s interest in pushing her own physical limits has drawn her to many competitive athletic pursuits outside of varsity sport - most notably triathlons, marathons, weight training and competing as a member of Canada’s track and field team in javelin.

Deanna now divides her professional career as Kinesiologist at Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic, as a rehabilitative Kin consultant for the City of Kamloops, and as a Pedorthic clinician/technician here at The Sole Mate Custom Orthotics and Footbeds in Vernon B.C.